Is there an opportunity here?

Anyone who is familiar with Seth is familiar with the concept of a Purple Cow.  Since the book came out, people everywhere have been talking about, “How can we make a purple cow?”  “Is this a purple cow.”  “Anyone have any grape milk from the purple cow?”  (OK, so maybe not the last one.)

My question is, if it’s not happening already, when will this spawn a new industry? 

When will someone say, “I’ve got a knack for finding unique and remarkable things in business…I’ll start a purple cow consultancy!”

Now, I know this is ripe for people to abuse, but I think there may be an opportunity here for the right person.  Someone who can come in, look at your business and find options for things you can develop to turn your offering into a purple cow.  They could suggest strategies, maybe even offer advice for implementation and roll-out.  But, ultimately, they are there to look at your industry and offering with a new set of eyes…focused on finding and suggesting the remarkable.

Maybe this is a dumb idea.  Maybe both of you who read this (and I REALLY appreciate you) think I’m an idiot.  But I really think that if done right, someone who comes in and helps you identify the remarkable in your company could do a lot…if they do it right.  Too bad Seth isn’t looking for a new gig!

As an aside, a funny story.

Last night I was browsing at a local used book store.  I found a copy of Permission Marketing which I was going to pick up because I loaned my copy to my father-in-law six years ago and haven’t seen it since!  Anyway, I was flipping through it and in the front cover someone had written to somone else (like the book was a gift) something to the effect that they were doing a big thing, “let’s be successful together this year.”

Given that I found the book at a used bookstore…I’m thinking it may not have happened!

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Is there an opportunity here?

2 thoughts on “Is there an opportunity here?

  1. Hate to say this since making a move to consulting is on your “to do” list but every consultancy in the world promises to deliver Purple cows as well as “orange gorillias” lavender racoons and “pink kangagoos”. Most just deliver steaming piles of what this fictious managery might produce after a diet of buzz words and ancronyms.

    Clearly things are a bit different in Whitewater but in NYC there is a consultant under every rock shopping for the next sucker with a six figure budget and the smarts to hire someone else to make hte decisions and share the blame if things go wrong.

    Oh and what if your gift givers are used book sellers? Then I;d say that its possible that they may have been sucessful afterall. Half-full, think half-full 🙂


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