Foster’s Online Only…Almost There

Today in the local paper, the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel, there’s an article about the new Foster’s Online Only advertising campaign.

There were a couple things that stuck out to me that my initial reaction was, “Well, it’s better…getting there, but not quite.”

What were those things you ask? Well, let’s take a look.

First is the statement that, “Foster’s long-running tagline, ‘Australian for Beer,’ has been dropped. Instead Miller (who has held the U.S. licensing rights for the beer since 1993) is focusing less on the beer’s national origin and more on its social aspects.” To that I say huzzah! (Simpsons reference for the uninitiated)

But, then just two paragraphs later, I get less excited about their efforts.

“The new campaign uses the tagline of “Crack Open a Friendly.” A web site,, is scheduled to go live within the next week and it will include videos resembling homemade ads (emphasis mine) for Foster’s that are produced by the Ogilvy & Mather advertising agency.”

They are doing some other things with a “Massive Mating Game” website…etc.

But, if they are going to emphasize the SOCIAL aspect of their beer…why not be social? Why create ads that resemble homemade ads and not set up a call out for actual homemade ads?

If you want to be social, be social. Don’t go half way.

Just my take.

Foster’s Online Only…Almost There

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