2008…the Year of ???

Remember the election of 2004?

Regardless of where you come down politically (that’s not what this is about), it was an interesting year. Definitely that was the year of the blog. Bloggers were so involved with that election, I think that many people simply think of blogs as political tools. It did so much to bring blogs into the forefront, it made me wonder…what will happen in ’08?

WIll it be the year of the podcast? The vodcast? Second Life? Something we haven’t even thought of?

I am very interested to see how these social media elements will be utilized in the next election. Who will be the first to adopt some of them? What will that do for them?

2008…the Year of ???

2 thoughts on “2008…the Year of ???

  1. It will indeed be interesting to see how new media and technology will play a role. Will it be bloggers, viral video, or text messaging? Or will all of these just become tools that various candidates use to expand their toolbox? Bloggers are already gearing up for 2008, and the rest will just take a few more months to follow, is my guess.

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