Automated = Piss Me Off

Now I know the rants against automated systems have been done to death, but today it just pushed me to the boiling point.

I called my satellite provider, who will remain nameless (rhymes with fish petwork). The automated system told me to press one if I’m a subscriber, which I did happily.

Then, it said enter your phone number. Given that I have two ( and two others I recently cancelled) I guessed. It couldn’t find it, try again. No matter how many times I tried, nothing. So, try “0” to go to an operator and talk to someone (which in most cases works)

“I don’t recognize that number, please try again.”

Only when I hit # 10-12 times and I think confuse the freakin thing did it let me talk to someone.

Although given the person I talked to…I may have preferred the automated system. (different story)

I understand that these systems help screen out and do some administrative functions, but why does it have to be next to impossible to get to a person?

Automated = Piss Me Off

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