After the 30 Second?

I’ve been reading through Joe Jaffe’s “Life After the 30 Second Spot.” Great read.

Get it.
Read the Blog
Listen to the podcast (this week he has Seth Godin)

It made me think and bring it up in a job interview recently. I was waxing poetic (at least that’s how I see it!) about how important the new media is and how the traditional advertising model of just spending more money is on its way out. The woman who was interviewing me said something that I keep rolling over in my mind.

She said, “Up until a month ago, I would have agreed with you. Then I heard a story from someone who works here. He said that his daughter was in a car accident. When the police came, they asked who her insurance carrier was. She told them ‘Geico’ even though they weren’t. She just went there in her head because of the ads she’s seen so many times.”

Now, I’m sure that there’s a lot at work here, but it really makes me think. How does this fit into this concept of the 30 second spot being dead?

While it’s frustrating to see, does a case like this show that companies who spend tons on advertising may still have the advantage.

I really hope not.

After the 30 Second?

One thought on “After the 30 Second?

  1. Its not either or. Its both. Big companyies already know how to spend money until you cant help but know their slogan or song but they dont know how to speak directly to what someone wants when they want it. Good luck on getting the gig.


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