Yesterday I mentioned the situation with Starbucks and Doublshot Coffee.

Now, I know no one is really reading this…but someday you’ll all look back at the archives and wonder why, with these insights, you weren’t reading it sooner!

Anyway, back from my delusions…

Why isn’t Starbucks advertising, participating, sponsoring, ANYTHING this site?

Now, if they’re monitoring, I don’t know. But it just seems to me that a site dedicated to coffee geekdom would be right up Starbucks alley. Granted, they don’t get the best press on the forums (just search for Starbucks or *$), but that seems like an even better reason to engage these people. You KNOW they are passionate about your product. You KNOW they’re listening. They are on the leading edge of the coffee consumer market…why aren’t you talking to them?

Why aren’t they sponsoring special programs for members of the site?

It just seems like a no brainer to me.

Which is easy to say when I’m not talking to anyone!


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