What Will It Take…Continued

I continue to be intrigued by the idea of what the “Tipping Point” will be when it comes to social media.

This was made ABUNDANTLY clear today in a meeting. I met with a manager of a school district’s buildings and grounds department to demo our new web-based training system. I decided to let him “drive” so he could get a feel for how the system works. I’d just walk him through what to do.

What an exercise in futility.

Sure, he was excited by the prospect of the system. Thinks it’s a great idea and may even buy…but I don’t think he’s the norm. See, just getting him to type in the login name was a struggle to watch as he searched for the next letter. Then, everything from double-clicking web links to having to physically point to where to minimize. It made explaining the system difficult because I felt the need to explain the Internet.

I wonder how many people would be excited by the concept of social media, blogs, podcasts, Second Life, etc, but will never (or not for a long, long time) become involved because of perceived barriers to adoption. People who aren’t very Internet savvy create a difficult situation for bloggers and, in my opinion are more prevalent than we think.

Until the ease of use is improved dramatically, I think there will be a large audience not involved. I think we’re a ways from the top of the “adoption bell curve.”

Incidentally, I never knew how much I depended on the Internet until I moved somewhere that my only option was dial-up. Wow, that’s a frustration.

What Will It Take…Continued

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