Second Life…What’s Next

I think the options, the opportunities and just the “cool factor” of Second Life is off the charts.

This is another one that has a lot of potential with the right opportunities for adoption. But I do have one gripe.

I know that it’s a graphics intensive program. I get that. But I tried to start experimenting on my machine at the office (alas…stuck with DIAL UP at home) and I just got frustrated at the graphic performance. So, I dug in a bit deeper on the Second Life site and found that graphics cards with Intel in the name will not work with Second Life.

Then, I checked on Dell’s site for the graphics cards in their laptops and desktops. Guess what I found? Yup, many, if not most of their more “affordable” units, before you jump up to the higher end models are equipped with Intel integrated graphics. I guess it was frustrating to me because that’s where many people are coming from as far as owning a computer goes, and they can’t take advantage of Second Life because of it, or if they don’t want to put in a new graphics card.

For me, the frustration was a bit different. Since I can’t get high-speed at home, upgrading my graphics on my home machine would be like putting lipstick on a boar. Fun, but not very useful. And I can’t really change the graphics capabilities of my machine at the office. So, until I can afford to buy a higher end laptop, I’m out of the Second Life world for a while. Plus, there is a note that wi-fi isn’t really fast enough, so even if I get a high-quality laptop, I’d have nowhere to use it for Second Life.

I would love to see how others are addressing this and if there are any thoughts on the horizon.

Second Life…What’s Next

3 thoughts on “Second Life…What’s Next

  1. Randal Oulton says:

    You are totally right. As long as Second Life does’nt support Intel graphics, their growth is dead in the water. It will never be a “mass movement” thing on the Internet, no matter how much their marketers shill to everybody: “you have to be in world, selling stuff”. Why bother with Second Life — restricted interest to begin with, restricted even further by not supporting 55% of the home desktop units shipped today — when you can put up a web page and reach billions of people?

  2. I’m sure there is a reason, technologically, for this, but I agree with you Randal that this is one of the things that will prevent mass adoption. Add to this that some people view it as too close to a game and they’ve got an uphill battle…but one they’re fighting pretty well so far!

    Thanks for your comment!

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