Am I an Idiot?

I don’t know if I want to know the answer to that one.

The reason I ask is, I just don’t get some of the “new” styles of websites out there that I see.

For example this or this.

What am I missing? To me I would much rather go to a site that has some basic information, link to a free report or something and then a link to a blog or podcast. These long, rambling sites just seem to go contrary to what I think is beneficial or useful. In fact, if I come to one of them, I just move on quickly because it just seems disjointed to me.

Am I saying anything negative about the people who set up those sites? Absolutely not. I have read some of their information and they are very intelligent and know what they’re talking about.

What I am saying is that I don’t stick around long enough to read their site…so is it really effective? To me it seems to be going to the “drinking from a firehose” analogy and I just turn off.

But, it must be working in order for them to continue doing it…so what am I missing?

Am I an Idiot?

5 thoughts on “Am I an Idiot?

  1. well I wouldn’t say they were new. I’ve seen this kind of thing around for a few years now. If you throw enough shit against a wall, some of it will eventually stick 🙂

  2. I agree. It seems that many people seem stuck in the old way of doing things that if they tell everything they have the best chance of someone finding something they are interested in.

    Unfortunately, most people (in my opinion) will be turned off by this and move on.

  3. So…first off, thanks for including me in your BlogRoll!!!
    Secondly…those “new sites” are actually old-school direct response sites. While they’re not terribly modern or pretty, they have proven to be very, very effective. Folks like Armand Morin, the man behind the Internet Marketing Seminar (, have seen great success with similar sites. I once spoke to a successful direct marketer who had one of those long one-pagers, and he said that when he redesigned his site to make it more attractive, he actually LOST sales, and reverted back to the old site.
    I don’t think this tactic works for every product in every market, but I’ve noticed that publishers, in particular, use it a lot. It’s old “long copy sells” shpiel that DM/DR professionals have used forever.

  4. Aimee:

    Hey, thanks for reading and finding that you were on my blogroll!

    Anyway, I have heard that before about these types of sites…and you’re probably right. I guess my “research” comes from my personal feelings and I know that if I open a link and it goes to a site like that, I generally don’t stick around very long.

    But, that’s just me…that’s why the title of the post is, “Am I an Idiot?”

    It’s quite possible that I am!

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